And In Other News, China Isn’t Very Happy

December 12, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: China, Trump

We all know the story about Cheeto Jesus provoking the Chinese (just for the hell of it) by breaking 40 years of diplomatic status quo by speaking directly with the president of Taiwan.  Yesterday, on Fox News Sunday, he doubled down saying,

I fully understand the ‘one China’ policy, but I don’t know why we have to be bound by a ‘one China’ policy unless we make a deal with China having to do with other things, including trade.

China has said that the One China policy is “bedrock”.  Oh, and there’s this – China, for the first time in 18 months, flew one of their nuclear capable bombers over disputed waters in the South China Sea to warn CJ that they’re serious.

In the meantime, CJ says he doesn’t need a daily intelligence briefing.  God help us.

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17 Comments to “And In Other News, China Isn’t Very Happy”

  1. Actually, he would probably be glad of an intelligence briefing in tweet form. He only really likes it summed up short and sweet. Sure sign of no intelligence on his part…

  2. Thanks to the Russians, the FBI and the “low-information voters”, we now have a “low-information” Putin-puppet president who’s making it up as he goes. This is not going to end well.

  3. e platypus onion says:

    29 years from now all the damage done by Drumpf will be blamed on HRC and her lousy campaign. No one will mention the rigged election and the FBI coverup. Revisionist history by those doomed to repeat it.

  4. Jane & Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Of course all those intelligence briefing are repetitious to Donnie. After “good morning Mr. Trump” (highly repetitious) Donnie doesn’t understand a word being said.

  5. How Do you brief some one on some thing he has vary little of??

  6. The idiot is trying to set up a trade. The US will agree to something that we agreed to a long time ago and China will give us some concessions…like hotel sites in Beijing. Whereas China might consider a “trade” more like the US can give us all the South Seas including Taiwan and China won’t call all the US bonds they hold.

  7. charles r. phillips says:

    When you write for busy people, you start with an executive summary. That’s because they want just the facts and options, no nuance.

    PutinLite–Herr Drumpf–goes beyond that and only wants to know how much he stands to gain. Typical intelligence briefing;

    Trump: So how much do I stand to make from this peace thing?

    Briefer: Nothing.

    Trump: Cancel it.

  8. Um, no. I’m quite certain CJ does NOT understand the ‘one China’ policy. Know how I know that?
    2 ways:
    1] Every day, in every way, The Donald tells us he understands absolutely nothing about what he, hisownself, is doing. Or saying. Or anything.
    2] When he said it his mouth was moving. That’s always the first clue that he’s telling a lie.

    I rest my case.

  9. ,That Other Jean says:

    Mr. phillips, your summary of a Trump intelligence briefing looks painfully close to truth. If something doesn’t make money for him, he’s simply not interested in it; country be damned. His single-minded ignorance seems increasingly likely not only to wreck our economy, but get us into a war with China–a trade war, which we will lose, or a nuclear war, which everybody loses.

    Please, whatever deity might be listening, let the Republicans be overwhelmed by his stupidity and see the danger in which he puts us, and pick one of his many instances of ignoring the Constitution/law on which to impeach him, as quickly as possible. Pence has his own terrible faults, but he is at least less likely to get us all killed.

  10. Amen to That Other Jean! This oaf is exactly what all his primary opponents and Hillary said he is UNFIT!

  11. Hey, who care about some stupid sea, anyway? You can’t build a hotel on water.

  12. CJ is gonna inspire the Chinese to call in our loans! Whats Trump gonna do then? Sue them?

  13. For someone that does international trade CJ has precious little understanding of how things work. And he isn’t even the POTUS yet!

  14. ,That Other Jean says:

    I doubt that China would call in our loans unless things got really, really bad between us, since that would wreck their economy, too. But they could refuse to sell us things and nationalize the factories we’ve set up. It would disrupt their economy, because we buy a lot, but the rest of the world is a big, big market.

  15. If you read economics and political economy, China would survive a trade war long after the riots in America began.

    Sure, build it in American, at ten times the labor costs. Duh…

  16. “Pence has his own terrible faults, but he is at least less likely to get us all killed.”

    You’re right, That Other Jean, we’re stuck looking for the least bad of 2 really horrible choices.

    And to think, we could have been looking at a really outstanding POTUS – Hillary or Bernie. Oh the humanity!

  17. I just watched a season 6 episode of “The West Wing” — yes, I’m burying myself in a fictional White House to avoid reality — that was about exactly this. President Bartlet accepts a nationalist flag from a Taiwanese visitor without realizing it, and China has a hissy fit with repercussions multiplying by the hour.

    Fortunately, all they had to do was return the flag. What do we do with an unrepentant child who doubles down?