And I’m Hacked-Off at Ron Paul, Too

August 31, 2011 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Like the lamestream media, I mostly ignore Ron Paul.  His congressional district starts just down the road from me and I’ve successfully ignored him and his embarrassing adoration of Ayn Rand for many years.  I kept hoping he’d outgrow it and catch up with the emotionally mature people who got over Ayn Rand at the age on 17 or so.

He didn’t.

And now he’s hacked me off.  He wants to get rid of FEMA.

And he used the 1900 Galveston hurricane as an example of how Galveston “survived just fine” without FEMA.

Galveston after the 1900 storm

Okay, Ron Paul crossed the line.  My Grandpa lived through the 1900 Galveston storm.  He was 10 years old.  His parents, who also survived, left the island for New Orleans after searching for months for the bodies of their parents, who they never found.   Until the day he died, my Grandpa would not discuss the storm except for saying that it was something he spent a lifetime trying to forget.

My friend Hal gave Ron Paul a lesson in survival that I cannot improve upon.

The only reason my Grandpa survived was because the United States Army came with shelter and medical supplies.  You know, like FEMA does now.

FEMA did not work under George Bush because of cronyism.  Remember that when Rick Perry asks for your vote.

I disagree with Hal about letting Ron Paul do your pregnancy test.  Any grown up who still adores Ayn Rand lacks the compassion gene.  I want my doctor to have that.

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9 Comments to “And I’m Hacked-Off at Ron Paul, Too”

  1. OldMayfly says:

    I think of Ron Paul as that great libertarian who is for personal liberty for all people–except of course–women of child-bearing age. (Of course, if men could become pregnant–well, you know the rest.)

  2. I know there was press about how he was NOT getting the press time that others are, but who cares? I never cared much for him, and even less for that son of his, Senator Raggedy Rand Paul.

  3. Corinne Sabo says:

    Ron Paul and his kid definitely have drain bamage.

  4. Well, the media is paying attention to THIS. And, rightly so. Ron Paul, you are so toast. Go away. Far, far away.

  5. Marie Harvey says:

    Juanita, you are right about the no- compassion gene…. I saw it lacking years ago and he obviously still doesn’t have it. No surprise to me at all.

  6. Ya know, just for once, could our crazypants politicians shut their mouths? As a 6th generation Texas, I’ve long ago embraced the eccentric and unique personalities of office holders in this state. Ron Paul is the wacky uncle you send on a beer run when everyone gets tired of listening to them at the family barbeque. Anybody need a Shiner? Cuz Ron needs to take a little trip out of the spotlight.

  7. Ron just got promoted to coal shoveler on the crazy train. Dead Americans in Galveston in any era ought to be more important to a USCongresscretin representing that county than any novelist. He used to be my congresscritter….I now have John Carter who is also lacking the compassion gene but who is a conventionally crazed conservative who is boring.

  8. Love Hal’s stuff. I didn’t know about the loss of the train, but I’ve studied this hurricane and knew most of the rest of it.

    After the hurricane, part of the recovery was to be sure that a storm surge was less likely to roll over the entire island again. They built the entire city up 20 feet, jacking up existing buildings, pumping sand from the bottom of the Gulf (never get away with this today). Then they put in the Seawall. I’m pretty sure the Corps of Engineers helped with these projects, though I don’t remember for sure.

    There were other cities on the Gulf that disappeared forever after that hurricane. Most people have never even heard of them.

  9. Sam in Pearland says:

    Paul’s an idiot who unfortunately is representative of his portion of southeast Texas.