And I Suspect We Are Going To Have To Have The Daily Cruz

November 30, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Texas’s latest stand-out crazy even in Washington Dee Cee is Ted Cruz –  our new Canadian born Cuban Tea Party Senator.

He’s gonna give Louie Gohmert a run for his wild and crazy.

Ted gave a speech explaining why Latinos didn’t vote Republican.

“You want to know why Barack Obama won 71 percent of the Hispanic vote? Tone on immigration contributed, but I think far more important was ’47 percent,'” Cruz said.

So, Poor Ted thinks Republicans lost Hispanic support because of that whole 47% thing that Romney said.

Bless his heart, Ted has it floored in neutral.

Two weeks before the 47% comment, Romney had 28% of the Hispanic vote.   Romney ended up with 27% of the Hispanic vote.  The comment, apparently cost Romney 1% of the Hispanic vote.

It’s the arithmetic.

Rumor has it that Ted Cruz wants to run for President.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks to David for the heads up.

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16 Comments to “And I Suspect We Are Going To Have To Have The Daily Cruz”

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is Ted the best barometer of Hispanic opinion? Seems to me that his primary GOP opponent Dewhurst offered to debate him en Espanol on the Spanish Language teevee, but, um, Dewhurst speaks Spanish fluently and Cruz doesn’t.

    Maybe something was lost in translation on its way to Ted’s cabeza, comprende?

  2. Hey, if he is from Canada, even as a naturalized citizen he cannot run for the Presidency. Ditto Arnold Schwartzenegger. That should provide folks with a little relief.

  3. John Cornyn will have to up his crazy to keep up with this guy. Can he do it?

  4. Oh Miz Juanita Jean, between Loony Louie and Crazy Cruz you just might have to install a revolving door on the Salon.

  5. As if you all can’t produce enought crazies on your own, you import them from Canada? Now there’s where you need some strict immigration laws. Give them an IQ test. And it can’t be safe living among that many crazy people. Juanita Jean, Honey, you have to be in the minority. Wait a minute. Are there really that many crazy people in Texas, or are the ones you have so spectaculary crazy that they get a lot of attention? Either way I don’t know how you survive.

  6. Ted Cruz was homeschooled by Louie Gohmert who was homeschooled by the banjo picker from “Deliverence.”

  7. Glen Maxey says:

    OH DEAR GOD YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to see Perry and Cruz running against each other in primaries. The whole country is going to think we’re just plain crazee in Texas.

    As if they don’t already.

  8. Now there’s a Cuban-Canadian who should self-deport!

  9. Let me get this straight. Ted Cruz wants to run for President but was born in Canada? NOT! One look at his birth certificate will ruin that pipe dream! Long form, naturally.

  10. Why do the RePigs constantly think that Hispanic is only a name? The cannot understand the difference between countries/cultures/people?

  11. Cruz’s mother was an American citizen. That makes him natural born, except to the birthers.

  12. Should we introduce Orly Taitz to Ted? Double the crazy, she’s have to dismiss everything she ever alleged about Obama…..

  13. Sounds as though this guy is Texas’ latest cruz to bear.

  14. LynnN, you nailed it again — love your comments!

  15. Cruz is dangerous.

    He’s calculating, he’s astute with social media, the internet, etc…. he knows how to raise money down in the gutters of the RePig Rightwing Circles. I’ve heard a theory that his fingers are in so many money pies due to his wife’s Goldman Sachs connections that Sen Cornyn, (R) Tx, handled him with kid gloves during the Tx Republican primary process… and we all know what a sterling job Cornyn did as Chair of the national Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee this election cycle…. but allegedly Cornyn was even a little afraid to tangle with Cruz.

    During one of the debates against Paul Sadler, Sadler point blank asked Cruz if he was going to be Cornyn’s Junior Senator from Texas, or Jim DeMint’s junior Tea Party Senator…. and of course Cruz wouldn’t answer the question. That whole underground Teabagger money organization has bitten lots of incumbent Republicans on the arse the past couple of election cycles. Cornyn is up for re-election in 2016… and as we are beginning to see… Cruz is all about going national at this point. He ain’t even sworn in yet, and he’s going for it. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

    I had the privilege of spending several hours with Paul Sadler while he was in Abilene during the Fair in September. I had ramrodded that whole Fair and Rodeo booth operation for the county party, had been interfacing with his campaign staff to get him into Abilene during the Fair. I met Sadler at a reception at the county party chair’s home, then we went over to the Fair Booth together to work the crowd for a few hours. Sadler’s traveling staff consisted of him and his son, Lee… and they were just exhausted – in need of a real meal, shoes off, feet up, home sweet home, no phones, no strangers making demands on their time and attention. Campaigns are tough.

    Sadler had a serious charisma deficit in many ways. I’ve worked with lots of candidates, campaigns, and clearly know how to gently push a shy, softly spoken candidate onto a group of folks in a public venue. Sadler was great in small groups, in conversational situations, but terrible with walking up to folks, introducing himself, and asking for their support…. but.. he would have made a wonderful Senator. He understands concensus building, Cruz knows how to be offensive, divisive. Sadler’s biggest problem was fundraising. No money, no message to the masses, and in a state with as much geography as Tx, that is critical. Sadler had major Hollywood connections, yet didn’t use them. Big mistake.

    We need to find a candidate to run against Cornyn right now, and start raising money, and we need to find a candidate to run for Governor, ditto on fundraising. Ditto on finding folks to run against the likes of Screwy Louie Gohmert, Randy Neugebauer, etc., ad nauseum. Until we get smart about this stuff, and fund our races early, we will be standing around with a lollipop in our mouth asking what went wrong for 10 more years.

    Many people think that Emily’s List is named after a woman named “Emily”… No… it stands for Early Money Is Like Yeast… you only have to look at the successful election of all those women to this next session of Congress. The E-M-I-L-Y formula is true for any candidate. Texas Dems need to get their poop in a group.

  16. Marge Wood says:

    Yeah Mz Patti in Abilene! I’ve been telling folks this since the day after the election. Put a big jar on your kitchen counter. Start dropping money into it. Label it DEMOCRATS 2016. Invite your friends to drop money into it. See who can get the fullest jar the quickest.