And He’s Just The Man To Do It. After All, His Last Name is Hunt.

August 31, 2015 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

South Dakota Republican State Representative Roger Hunt has a solution for all your gender related confusion.

HUNT_ROGER_2015The proposal from Rep. Roger Hunt, R-Brandon, would rely on official birth certificates and visual inspections for determining gender rather than allowing people to decide and declare their gender on their own.

“This is South Dakota. We haven’t adopted the East Coast culture. We haven’t adopted the West Coast culture. We maintain our own culture,” Hunt said.

I dunno.  How ’bout instead, we check you for turquoise shirts?

Thanks to Brian for the heads up.

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27 Comments to “And He’s Just The Man To Do It. After All, His Last Name is Hunt.”

  1. South Dakota is a weird combination of beautiful and horrible.

  2. Corinne Sabo says:

    He looks confused.

  3. Why are right-wingers so preoccupied with the nether regions? It’s all they seem to talk about. Icky gays, slutty birth control, murderous abortion, unisex bathrooms, perverted sex education, etcetera, etcetera.

    Makes me think they’ve got some real issues.

    Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Newt Gingrich, Mark Sanford, David Vitter, etcetera, etcetera.

    Somebody explain why the party of family values has so many freaks, predators, scumbags and pervs?

  4. Annabelle Lee says:

    Who, exactly, is going to carry out these genital inspections?

  5. Marcia in CO says:

    LOL @ Roberto … and there are yet so many others to be discovered!!

  6. I think this old man just stated that South Dakota lives in the dark ages and has no culture. Why would any decent human being live there?

  7. Elizabeth Moon says:

    I don’t care what color shirt a man chooses to wear, but I do care that he’s focused on something other than private parts. It’s not healthy to care that much what someone else’s private parts are, or what they enjoy with them, or whether they choose to redesign them. Interest in private parts should be limited to one’s own and (the only public interest I would allow) whether interpersonal use is consensual.

    So I’d say “Keep the shirt, but lose the attitude. If ignorance is your culture, it’s time to change it.”

  8. WallyinFl says:

    I dunno. This “Dakota?” culture seems kinda kinky but I seriously doubt most Dakotans? carry their birth certificate with them at all times just in case the need to use a bathroom arises.

  9. Visual inspections? And I’ll bet he’s just the man to do it.

  10. And that culture consists of simply denying reality? Definitely a red state.

    Does it ever, ever occur to people like this that obsessing over other people’s naughty bits and sex lives is more than a little pervy?

  11. Sam in San Antonio says:

    “By their naughty bits shall ye know them”. Do women with large tata’s pay less or more?

  12. Pancho Sanza says:

    Rush Limbaugh might need to lose some weight if he’s going to pass any kind of visual inspection, unless we can force an ultrasound inside of his fat flaps.

  13. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Roger, Roger, Roger … there really is an end to your confusion, simply accept people for who they are.

  14. {blinks}

    (note to self; don’t stop at public restrooms in South Dakota)

  15. Sheees!!! This guy had better read up on history, for instance like why they once did before electing a Pope in Rome!

  16. Recently State Representative Roger Hunt thought back to his salad days when he wore a “Bikini Inspector” t-shirt to the beach. Then, “Eureka!” He only dreamed he’d ever live long enough to be a “Gender Inspector.”

  17. epo, thanks for the links. It seems Hunt and some his friends have cost the good people of South Dakota quite a bit of taxpayer money because of their perverted laws.

  18. @epo

    The responses that accompany the articles in the Dakota Free Press are encouraging that not ALL of SDakota is pedophile. Sorry, I meant “Republican”. You know I meant Republican! Re-pedophile-publican.

  19. I grew up in SD. The land is beautiful, especially the west. There are some wonderful people there too. Unfortunately, right wingnuts gained control 30+ years ago. In true wingnut fashion, they’ve been running it into the ground ever since. Hunt is a pervert and he’s not alone in Republicans’ genital obsession.

    I moved out in 2006. Couldn’t stand it any longer. Living in a liberal state that cares about and respects its citizens is a beautiful thing.

  20. Visual inspections! Ha! That old guy and his coke bottles couldn’t see the broad side of a barn. They’d better settle for mental competency tests for State Reps. I must admit to not knowing what he means by East and West Coast culture, unless it’s educational culture he decries. Not much chance of that seeping into such a closed-up mind,sir.

  21. JAKvirginia says:

    Make America Grope Again

  22. Marge Wood says:

    They gonna make voters strip nekkid to prove they’re the way they say they are? Do we get to to take pitchers? Look. He’s bound to haVe some transgender or gay relatives. Can anyone find out their voting records?

  23. Oh sigh, I so wanted to visit SD to see the Corn Palace, but now I must resist spending my time and vacations dollars, in protest.

    Yep. I haven’t been to a Dakota for decades, and for good reason, but he sure resembles any number of the old guys I saw there – 45 years ago.

  24. e platypus onion says:

    Maryelle.Hunt means east/west coast LIBERAL cultures.

    Marge Wood,Hunt is prolly wearing nylons with garters under his suit. Someone oughta check that out.

  25. Annabelle Lee….I think he wants to do the “inspections” himself. I am pretty sure he has magazines and pictures stashed somewhere. He is one sick puppy.

  26. They’ll have to establish a new state office; the Inspector Genital.

    And yes, it’s sad to see what’s happened to SoDak, Wyoming, and other western states in a relatively short time. They used to be pretty moderate and accepting. I blame Fox and talk radio.