And As He Fades Slowly Into The Sunset …..

November 29, 2011 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

…. his horse trips.

At a town hall meeting at the Institute of Politics at New Hampshire’s Saint Anselm’s College Tuesday, Rick Perry asked that all of the college students in the crowd who will be 21 by Nov. 12 support his bid for the presidency.

Uh, Guv, the voting age is 18 and the election is on November 6th.  But, Honey, listen up – you keep on telling Republican crowds that 12th date, ya hear?

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9 Comments to “And As He Fades Slowly Into The Sunset …..”

  1. Well, he might have thought the crowd were all Democrats(it’s Catholic, but it isn’t A&M), you know. He didn’t ask for their votes in the primary at all. The Wisconsin Repubs tried that during the recalls, and that kind of thing would fool his supporters.

  2. My grandmother would say Rick Perry was dumber than a bowl of soup. I wouldn’t. I like soup and have definitely eaten bowls of it which were smarter than Rick.

  3. Best comment on that article is pasted below:

    It may not be the voting age, but it is the drinking age. At this point, Perry must figure you’d have to be drunk to vote for him.

  4. @Cheryl, you beat me to it, and it definitely is the best comment.

    The 26th Amendment to the Constitution was adopted July 1, 1971, lowering the voting age to 18. Now, who said Regressives were slow?

  5. Dumber than a fence post, hair is getting a little ragged too. Oops.

  6. I kinda liked this LA Times opinion piece
    “Rick Perry, the Cuervo candidate”

  7. If Texas re-elects this man, I’m really going to have to take my retirement money to another state or country.

  8. My Mom often said about Perry, God rest her soul, that he is so dumb he could not find his rear end in a mirror with both hands and a 6 cell flash light.

    This is a time fellow Texans to be glad we have a weak Governorship. Let us all pray the Lt. Gov does catch the crazy bug.

  9. Perry was born dumber than a box of rocks and now dementia and senility are there. They don’t have much to do. what with the ‘box of rocks’ syndrome raging away.

    Way to go, TX!