All Scenarios Point to Trump Exit

July 21, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Impeachment

From Jennifer Rubin, one of the Washington Post’s conservative opinion writers – She outlines five scenarios, all very possible – all of which end in Trump’s removal or resignation. ¬†In all scenarios, the GOP pays the price for pandering to Trump, allowing him to be nominated, and supporting him before and after election. ¬†Interesting reading.

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18 Comments to “All Scenarios Point to Trump Exit”

  1. Jen Jen Rubin is one of the twits who put Cheeto in office with her neverending denunciation of all things Progressive. Now her hero has turned out to be a lunatic, and her panties are all bunched up . And cowardly ReThugs, in both sides of the Congress are going along with the destruction of the Republic.

  2. Dang! Can’t read the article unless I buy a subscription!

  3. Impeachment is not going to happen. The GOP will turn a blind eye to anything Trump does in order to save their own miserable skins. Trump’s base will do the same out of hatred for Hillary, whom Faux News is still flogging on a regular basis. We are stuck with this doofus for at least another three and a half years, if not more because of the basic gullibility of the American people to the Con-artist in Chief.

  4. yet another baby boomer says:

    Wow, interesting read. Wish it could be the fifth scenario but that’s not reality. First and/or third scenarios seem more plausible. So absolutely heart-breaking to find our country has come to this disgrace.

  5. The GOP will jettison Trump if his ratings get so low, and the manure pile gets so high, that he’s obviously dragging the party down. They don’t give a rat’s behind about the country, but they’ll dump him in a heartbeat to save their own skins.

  6. What Rhea says. Yup. the Rethugs are just that way. Frankly, this can’t happen soon enough. but Pence et al. have to go down with him. They are accomplices, some of them before and after the fact. That leaves Ryan and that is no solution at all. Yes, he could decline the offer. If he has any sense he will. He led a House full of Trump toadies and he did a lot of that leading by example. Plus, once and for all, the Rethugs have proven that can’t govern. Not a one of them has a gene for that talent.

  7. maryelle says:

    Americans are living through an unimaginable nightmare. who could have known that a president would give away classified information to our enemy and sell us out to the Russians, ruin our environment, allow banks and Wall Street to steal our money and persecute immigrants who are seeking a better way of life. Even if it gets down to having Ryan step in, we will at least be free from the Russian influence.

  8. Oh that any of the scenarios would come true. I am totally amazed at the Great Orange Hoax’s followers devotion to this creature however. I am also amazed at their vile comments about McCain. The entire bunch is absolutely horrible – words to really describe them don’t cover just how horrible they are.

  9. It will take more than nacilbupeR Jennifer Rubin to give me hope that a Hair Drumpf removal is possible. And I am saddened that President of Vice Mike Dense seems to be flying well away from the sh!tstorm. And not because he’s good either. My conspiracy theory remains that Dense and Eddie Munster agreed to let Hair Drumpf self-immolate, whereupon Congress would remove Hair Drumpf, Dense would ascend the throne as President and immediately annoint Eddie as President of Vice. Then the purged executive branch could get down to the business of re-making the republic into the Teaghanistan garden of Eden they all imagine.

    I’d prefer Dense choked on a ham sandwich.

  10. Micr: Oh if only Lady Karma would get P.O.’d enough at all of them…

  11. Old Quaker (Colorado) says:

    Who’s Eddie Munster?

  12. Was listening to NPR (1A with Joshua Johnson) yesterday discussing the current state of affairs. There were panelists from all sections of the political universe, though none stoutly defending Trump. Of course, impeachment was discussed, though the general consensus was that would be a very tough row to hoe. As expected, a Trump supporter called in. As expected, he offered the usual comments: 60 million voted for Trump to do exactly what is doing; if impeached, they would be in the streets, etc. I waited for the moderator or one of the panelist to point out that about sixty-nine million folks voted for someone other than Trump. No dice. So, once I got home, I sent an email reminding them of that fact, including a few sentences such as “I am a veteran and well versed in firearms,” and like most on our side of the fence, are not afraid the RWers. Hope it never comes to that, but am very concerned, given the hateful rhetoric spouting everywhere. I am dismayed at the hatred directed toward John McCain. Disgusting.

  13. Jane & PKM says:

    Senator John McCain is paying the price extracted by wingnuts for defending then candidate President Obama. While they cannot remember even one of Donnie’s lies from one minute to the next, they will never forgive or forget Senator McCain for the time he stood his ground and informed that wingnut woman that, “No, ma’am. He’s a decent family man [and] citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues and that’s what this campaign’s all about. He’s not [an Arab].”

    Decency and one of McCain’s finer moments. For that the wingnuts will forever dog him.

  14. I can’t remember a single principled stance from a Republican since before Reagan. They’ve sold their souls to the Company store run by the Koch brothers and called “Dark Money”.
    Don’t expect them to stand up against Trump!

  15. @Old Quaker (Colorado), I don’t know which Eddie Munster you’re asking about, but the original was a kid on a 1960s sitcom, and our current version is Paul Ryan. Both have prominent widow’s peaks, that bit of the forehead hairline that dips instead of going straight across. For those who remember science class, the widow’s peak is a recessive trait controlled by a single gene, so it’s easy to trace in families, or not.

  16. Paul Ryan reminds me facially of Eddie Munster. No asparagus intended on actor Butch Patrick’s fine work.

  17. Rubin has cast bushels of asparagus on Orange Whore from the day he announced. She detests him and has not failed to shred him in every single column. I usually don’t read her, but she’s been very entertaining since 11/8/2016.

  18. Lunargent says:

    One time, there was this online thing where you could try different haircuts on Ryan. And he actually does look best in the Eddie Munster cut. Bless his heart.