Actual Fake News

June 27, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Holy Crap, Trump

The Washington Post continues its battle against darkness and Trump World.  Today, it revealed that Trump has hung a fake Time magazine cover in at least 5 of his resorts.  This cover was never published by the magazine.

So.  The clown who perpetuated the lie about President Obama’s birthplace for SIX YEARS, and has lied on a daily basis since he started his campaign for the presidency faked a Time Magazine cover to self aggrandize.

What an ass.


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21 Comments to “Actual Fake News”

  1. I would not be surprised to learn that Trump had no idea that the magazine cover was a fake.

    It could have been some eager-to-please scion of an underling that photoshopped the image. The barcode in the image reportedly comes from a Photoshop tutorial. It was then presented to Trump and he was so pleased he ordered framed copies to be hung.

    Seriously, would you expect him to read the magazine? I doubt he has ever read a news magazine in his life.

    Another explanation is that it was a setup. Somebody he pissed off set up the con to be revealed at some future date. The timeline seems too long for that though.

    I can’t wait for the response.

  2. Would be interesting to hear Time magazine’s point of view about using their copyrighted magazine logo as a fake endorsement…

  3. There are a number of websites that allow a customer to upload a photograph and have the website print a magazine cover. I don’t know if Time is one who has licensed the use of their logoage for this purpose. Playboy did in the 1990s, until they received enough complaints of males mis-using photographs to put various private females on a Playboy cover. I personally bought SI covers for my softball pitching jock and my hockey jock. They are clearly novelty covers with tongue in cheek comments in addition to the image and logo.

    In addition, in 2006 Time chose “You” as its person of the year.

    Please don’t read this as a defense of any sort of Drumpf. It is merely a reminder that egos get their faces on magazine covers as often as they can afford to do so.

  4. Alan, he does read news magazines. Someone who was on Apprentice was told to wait for Trump in his office. Trump was going through a stack of magazines, each one with pages marked by an aide. He would look only at those pages and go on to the next magazine. They were all articles about Trump. Nothing else was of interest or concern to him.

    And that’s exactly how he’s running the country.

  5. Vying for the cover with Trump is the headline, “Global Warming: A New Age of Extinction”!

    And, “Obama’s Next Move: Can He Curb Health-Care Costs?”

    Perhaps whoever did this had a sense of humor and was taking a dig at Trump …

  6. As phony as a fake Rolex you can pick up in Hong Kong for $10. And like those counterfeit watches without the smooth sweeping second hand, Time is displayed with a jerk.

  7. Check out what the barcode on the cover is actually for
    While lists this as karaoke software, searches elsewhere seem to result in different products too (music albums, food).
    No word yet on whether the karaoke is sung in Russian….

  8. two crows says:

    No wonder he claims all media is fake. Every time HE touches it, it is. And he cannot conceive that everyone else’s standards are not the same as his own.

  9. Time has asked that the magazine covers be taken down, I read. Perhaps another lawsuit is imminent.

    Talk about fake news media– he has it hung up!!

  10. I see what you did there, Rick! Hahaha!

    Is this going to be the first president in history to scowl in *every* picture?

  11. I have always wondered if sociopaths ever perceive loneliness. Apparently they do and it gives them another thing to hate. And they can never understand that the cause of the loneliness is themselves. This is all part of a spiral sociopathic vindictiveness, especially the lashing out kind. With Trump its the mouth disconnected from brain and soul and finding its way to the fingers and tweeting.

  12. Sandridge says:

    The top blurb, above the big “Time” logo says: “TRUMP IS HITTING ON ALL FRONTS… EVEN TV!”

    Time captioned the magazine FP at the peak of SOBOTUS’s ‘pussygrabbing’ career, eh?
    Our magnificent ‘Hitter-in-Chief’, master and mentor of pussygrabbing apprentices (but only ‘Murikkkan ones).

  13. Sandridge says:

    Meanwhile, in the reality of today, some of SOBOTUS’s foreign business partners can’t wait, and are paying to get the “Trump” name and brand scrubbed off of their investment properties.
    Their bookings are probably plummeting, profits threatened, what else can they do but wash the ‘loser cooties’ off the property. Worse lil’ devils than a bedbug infestation, eh?
    I gotta see Kellyanne spin these ones (I’ll even endure the beotch’s 60 lie-per-minute screeching nails-on-chalkboard verbalizations to see it).

  14. two crows says:

    Trump has shown us his Achilles’ heel. THIS is what will get him to resign.

    What is he addicted to? News about himself. So the solution is clear: overdose him.

    Open any newspaper or magazine, tune into any news program today and what do you see? Headlines like this one from The New York Times:
    “Trump is China’s Chump: The President Doesn’t Look Like A Savvy Negotiator to Asia Pacific Business and Political Leaders.”

    Um. How long do you think he’ll put up with reading news like THAT? Claiming that every news outlet in the world is peddling ‘fake news’ will only take him so far. Eventually, he will run and hide. That’s what bullies do when their victims stand up to them.

    It turns out that our best weapon against tyranny is to point and snicker. Who knew?

  15. Jane & PKM says:

    Jerk, putz, schmo, schmiel or schmuck given the preferred translation updates all “work.” Even the Dan Savage definition of Santorum requires an update to describe Donnie. With H/T to Dan, what we have here is a huge bag of Santorum resembling two bags filled with orange pumpkins from astern.

    However, there are no words that express “have you no shame” that apply to Donnie and those associated with him. Should be fun if Sarah Sandbag steps to the podium today to wipe away two more of Dolt45’s messes. Deflection Donnie with his best effort to distract from his fake Time cover went rogue on an Irish reporter with a leer and an invite to sit on Santa’s lap.

    Take it away Sarah!

  16. I have a fake one similar to this , do you think he was trying to fool the world with one of these . Do you even think he was checking out if it was even there ?

  17. maryelle says:

    In the alternate universe where Trump resides, putting his own face on national magazines is perfectly correct and consistent with his world view: Himself.

  18. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    This is undoubtedly the explanation for his claim that he has been on the cover of Time more often than anyone else. (He hasn’t, of course, but you already knew that because Trump is the new Harry Mudd who always lies. If he ever says that he’s lying Fox News will self-destruct.)

  19. Lunargent says:

    OMIGOD – they’re paying to take his name OFF hotels!

    Resign the Presidency, Donnie – it’s damaging your brand!

  20. Vonda N. McIntyre says:

    My favorite line from the article:

    A photo taken during their lunch shows that Trump’s chair faced the fake Time cover.

  21. Time Inc has ordered Orange Whore to take the fake covers down.