AARP Jumping In

March 08, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Yeah, but it doesn’t have Obama’s name on it so it’s totally worth every penny.

By the way, this is also their fix for Social Security and Medicare – killing you before you reach 65.


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37 Comments to “AARP Jumping In”

  1. “Soylent Green”. That’s the ticket……

  2. Jane & PKM says:

    Before Al Gore put a lock on the box, the snacilbupeR raided Social Security. Another debt yet to be repaid. So now Lyin’ Ryan wants to raid Medicare and leave another worthless IOU.

    No more “killing you softly.” Lyin’ Ryan and his .01% brigade of snacilbupeR in the House are fired up and ready to drag corpses to the street.

  3. maryelle says:

    Whoah Nellie! These boys are serious about death without the panels. AARP may put this whole “wealthcare” charade to rest. It’s electoral suicide, you Rethuglican jackasses.

  4. Holy Canolli!!!

  5. Should we call it the kinder, gentler, politically correct way of genocide by denial or unaffordable of medical care?

  6. This shouldn’t be any surprise to all the people, working or retired, who voted republican throughout this past decade. This republican congress and “president” is giving them everything they wanted, begged for and demanded. LOL at the voters who somehow “thought” they would be exempt from the awfulness of what they wanted done to other people.

  7. After how many years and this is the best they can come up with?

    “We’re deep in a hole, boys, so keep digging!”

  8. I must respectfully disagree.

    Their fix for Social Security and Medicare are to privatize them so that their corporate buddies can rake in billions while providing little benefit or security to their ‘customers.’

    I’m not sure if they’ll do that before or after they privatize public schools.

  9. Jane & PKM says:

    “2018 or Die” for real with the deeds of the House snacilbupeR.

    We need to place the fear of removal from office into as many of them as possible. We can start with Dr. Kathryn Allen defeating Jason Chaffetz in Utah.

    Ms. JJ, daChipster, Primo, and El Jefe, would one of you please provide a designated “safe house” where we can provide and store links to candidates who have an opportunity to pick off some of those House seats?

  10. mollusk says:

    I’m now paying $12,000 a year + a $3650 deductible for an HMO, with no out of network benefits. Heaven forbid that ANYONE not working for a corporation have decent healthcare at a decent cost.

  11. Why isn’t Sarah Palin whining about Republican death panels?

    I forgot. She is keeping an eye on Russia for Trump! My bad!

  12. So the new snacilbupeR plan is to be called Genocide, eh? Can’t wait to see the commercials for Genocide. Maybe retirees eating cat food at home could talk it like the NY Life AARP commercials on the electric tee vee.

  13. charles phillips says:

    Jane and PKM are right. Pick a House snacilbuper and fund their opponent. If you can, pick one in your own state. Money and votes speak the loudest. “Money talks, bu***hit walks” is a prescription, not a proscription.

    Oh, yeah, another idea; post to their Facebook page as many of their evil deeds as possible.

  14. JAKvirginia says:

    And once again I am SOooo not surprised. They do healthcare like they balance budgets! Remember:



  15. Jane & PKM says:

    “Oh, yeah, another idea; post to their Facebook page as many of their evil deeds as possible.”

    charles phillips, brilliant! The way House districts are drawn, we can’t always vote against a snacilbupeR. But we sure can fund and support their opponent. NV-2 has Mark Amodei, not our district. If not for Mama would correct that spelling to “I’mA’Dou***.” The Desert Beacon keeps NV informed about his evil antics, so we can post those to his Facebook page.

    24 critters need to be ousted to have a slim margin of one in the House. Texas, I do believe you have more than half that amount you could jettison. Amodei, Chaffetz, Nunes, … let’s hear it for the other 21 to be ousted. Do I hear a boo and a bye-bye for Gohmert?

  16. Andrew Zachary says:

    Alan Grayson, a firebrand and a bit eccentric to put it mildly, said this best back in 2009:

  17. AK Lynne says:

    Our first potential victory coming up next month…Jon Ossoff in a Georgia special election to fill the seat vacated by Trump appointee, Tom Price.

    Head on over to Act Blue and show Jon some love/money. I may live in Alaska, but today I’m a southern Georgia belle, ya’ll.

  18. I wonder if Paul Ryan will survive as Speaker.

  19. MMCurrants says:

    Heard on NPR on my way home that the $8400 is AFTER the $4000 tax credit. So, $12400/yr. Math isn’t THAT hard.

  20. Mark Schlemmer says:

    On a personal level I hate what I am about to write, BUT, people who live in safe blue districts (like me) should move to red states and literally tip the balance of some gerrymandered seats.
    Keeping a close eye on voter laws, etc., perhaps Soros could fund this. It might take a move this radical to save America.

  21. This is eye wash the rePUKEian health/retirement plan is really…
    get sick…quit work…and DIE!!!!

  22. JAKvirginia says:


    Trump never read the bill and if he did scan it, didn’t understand what it meant. His “team” came up with it and he threw it out there like one of his brainless, baseless tweets. Trump’s Presidency: four years of on-the-job training. This is another in a growing line-up of screw-ups.


    And it only took them 7 1/2 years to do it! Way to go, boys!

  23. Tilphousia says:

    So many good ideas. There are some wonderful candidates out there and even if a dollar is all that is affordable, I’m donating. My pen name comes from the Greek for “vengeful destruction”. Tilphousia is one of the furies. They were unleashed by Zeus upon those whose hubris was vast. Those who deliberately harmed people. And who does that sound like?
    Good healthcare is a right of all Americans. Not just those congressional thugs who have forgotten their oath of office. And by the way, don’t pay one penny for their healthcare.

  24. Malarkey says:

    Let’s call it Trumpcare, please.

  25. Aggieland Liz says:

    Let’s call it “RyanCon” because that’s what it is. And it’s going to function as Gericide, or Geritoll, if you like that better. Plus leaving people like me, and PKM and fam, and daChipster and fam, and a bunch of us other youngsters, completely out of luck-I’m 53 and you have to be 57 or you’re doomed.

    Mark S, if you move to Texas I’ll help you find a house and paint it and landscape it-but I have to tell you, my friend, you’d be nuts. Although Fort Bend did go blue…had to start somewhere, so fitting that JJ n Bubba live in the epicenter!

  26. Decades ago the AARP was a powerful protector of seniors–more powerful than the NRA at the time.

    Then they decided to become middlemen for insurance companies. They actively recruited members well below the age of retirement to expand the customer base. They basically gave up fighting for anything and became a corporate pimp.

    I wonder if there’s a chance that the active destruction of important senior programs might revitalize the AARP. (Or, for that matter, the Dem party, which also gave up fighting for any core beliefs in favor of going-along-to-get-along).

    Probably not.

  27. Jane & PKM says:

    AK Lynne, Jon Ossoff it is! Thank you.

    With Kathryn Allen in UT, Jon makes 2. 24 House seats are needed. Let’s hear it people. We need 22 more.

  28. This idea of moving like-minded people from place to place to recast the body politic has been around for a while. My sainted father spoke of it in the 60s even.

    It isnt a panacea because the snacilbupeR could do the same thing and it seems to me that the Koch heads would assist in this colonization effort.

    I used to think, before Drumpf and Le Pen and the other Euro ultra nationalists came up that as the older generations passed on this would get better. Drumpf is 70 for gosh sakes. But this very young Stephen Miller chap worries me that private and homeschooling has silently raised another generation of raving lunatic racists. Stephen Miller is a cousin to the KKK and a cousin once removed from Nazi Germany circa 1938. This development does not leave me confident in the world my grandboys will walk into as they mature. 🙁

  29. L'Angelomisterioso says:

    @charles phillips#13- The latest Nobel laureate inliterature( Mr. Zimmerman AKA Bob Dylan says “money doesn’t talk- it swears”) I suspect that, as in lots of cases, Mr. Zimmerman/Dylan is correct.

  30. L'Angelomisterioso says:

    This forum needs an editing feature badly. If it had one I could go back and clean up the spacing and capitalization in my reply to Mr. Phillips.

  31. eyesoars says:

    LynnN: AARP has always — since day 1 — been a front for an insurance outfit. They occasionally do other things as well.

  32. JAKvirginia says:

    This is what you get when self-proclaimed “smart” people refuse to do the smart thing. National Healthcare! There! I said it. But it won’t happen because there’s too much money to be made in this for-profit system that we have.

    To change takes foresight and courage. Two things very lacking in this nation for the past 50 years. In 1964 I saw the World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows, NY. What a wonderful future was showcased. We’ve accomplished almost none of it.

    And… so it goes. I spend some of my time these days apologizing to young people. My generation let them down. We should have been doing better. We all should have done better.

  33. Old Mayfly says:

    Elected officials rile AARP at their peril.

  34. Every comment here about AARP being an advertising, product promotion and marketing shill is correct. They also have an executive compensation problem. I am not a member, but I am watching this development. Ryan is trying to stampede this replacement through before the CBO scores it. AARP scoring it is the last thing he expected. If AARP gets on top of the hidden cost to the Medicare fund, I might reconsider.

  35. Sandridge says:

    The Deathlicans卐 are on a roll, all you older mofos get used to it, you’re all gonna die die die…
    The quicker and more excruciatingly the better, as far as the Dear Leader of Planet Trump卐uranus is concerned.

    85 years of the US haltingly weaving a social safety net is ooovver.
    Obamacare becomes the American Death Assistance Plan, Medicare is disemboweled (any elderly in LT nursing care will soon be dumped alongside country roads by the truckload, as buzzard food).
    Medicare will be kneecapped, then run over by gold-trimmed Escalades and Merc SUV’s.
    Social Security will be privatized, downsized, minimized, cauterized and collateralized.
    You don’t think the Deathlicans are going to pay back those lockbox IOU Treasury Notes owed to SS, do you?
    Your retirement savings (if any) will be bled white by the kleptoparasite skuas and frigatebirds of Wall Street, your real estate stolen for a song in the next crash.
    Your retirement income will be ravaged by inflation, currency devaluation, obfuscatory taxes of every kind, ballooning no-longer-covered medical expenses, repairs, and outright confiscation.

    Your health and well-being will be assaulted by pollutants, poisons, and microbes let loose by the destruction of 50 years of environmental cleanup progress.

    So get to it, geezers, do your patriotic duty, DIE soon, save yourself and the 1%’ers a drawn out process of elimination.
    If you prefer, they will encourage you to enjoy a (brief) stay at the new recharge ‘Trumplican’ resorts, to be known as ‘Mort-de-Vieux, where you can soon be utilized in generating useful turbine generated power for the benefit of society.

  36. There are alternate theories about the AARP’s founding and history. It is now an insurance shill, but when founded it was intended to aid retirees overall. One thing it worked on early on was finding ways for retired teachers to get insurance.

    I do remember a time when Congress was as afraid of the AARP as they now are of the NRA and not because of insurance sales.

  37. Jane & PKM says:

    Sandridge, astutely summarized. To put your words into a form a Donnie supporter should be able to understand: gilded whorehouses for Donnie and his friends. Maybe (if they have an atypical generous moment) halfway houses to hell for the rest of us.

    Stock up on cardboard. I don’t give high odds to the “comfort” of halfway houses or generosity being part of Donnie’s plans.

    However, there are major glitches in Donnie’s plans. With no refugees, immigrants and death to the working classes, there will be a bit of a labor shortage to serve the gilded few. In their own self interest, (the one thing they are REALLY good at, self interest), they my impale Donnie before we take to the streets with pitchforks.