A Standing Ovation, Please. UPDATED

February 28, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

I am a huge fan of Awesomely Luvvie.

I was going to write about Kellyanne Conway spreading her (ahem, ahem) legs on the Oval Office couch but Luvvie owns that. It’s totally hers.

Check it out here.


UPDATED with a graphic from AlanInAustin.



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25 Comments to “A Standing Ovation, Please. UPDATED”

  1. Awesomely Luvvie is THE best at throwing shade and giving the side eye. I always read her blog (right after Juanita Jean’s.)

  2. JAKvirginia says:

    What the hell is that dumb bitch doing?!!!! She’s 50 and a mother but acts like a clueless teen during an Oval Office photo op? Because maybe the “darkies” don’t deserve respect and decorum?

    ENOUGH! I want that idiot out of there! That place must be damned nuthouse.

  3. Alas, her web site appears to be down. 🙁

  4. I’m feeling gob-smacked again. 1st that she feels like that is appropriate to do, but 2nd–was she even aware a photo was being taken? Because if she was–she is damn stupid about optics.

    I do recognize that some of the anti-Conway attitude may be sexist and it angers me that she is more under fire than others. Her blunders are no worse than others in the admin…but then I see something like this. She is a boil on the distinction of women as valued partners.

  5. Competition is tough in Donnie’s Oval Orifice. Not to be outdone by Ms. Wrongway’s sprawl, Betsy DeVos led a cheer for “separate but equal” with this mind blowing quote: “HBCUs are real pioneers when it comes to school choice,” DeVos said in the statement, released Monday night in advance of Trump’s planned signing of an executive order giving the schools more clout. “They are living proof that when more options are provided to students, they are afforded greater access and greater quality. Their success has shown that more options help students flourish.”

    Guess Donnie isn’t the only one who never cracked a book while attending school.

  6. JAKvirginia says:

    Yes, Jane & PKM. I pity the poor, black high school graduate from Aladamnbama and their anxiety while trying to decide between Yale, Harvard or Stanford. Oh, their woes!

    (Yes. Snarky as hell!)

  7. I don’t think Momma Barb Bush would approve of the hooker on the couch in the oval office…

  8. Add Nancy, Jackie, Lady Bird et al. to that list, Papa! I’m revising my time sheet of her departure. She’s not gonna last as long as I had originally estimated.

    And frankly my condolences to the HBCUs who had to put up with her and Him!

  9. I can see what Kellyanne is thinking just like it was printed in a thought-bubble over her head, “These **ahem** ‘people’ don’ deserve no respec’ an’ I ain’t gonna give ’em any. No how, no way. So there! Lookee me, sittin’ while they stand. As it should be, by golly! And ignorin’ ’em cuz my phone’s more important than any of ’em. Take that, you uppity folks! How dare you darken the Oval?”

    This from the second most classless person in the room. And we all know who trumps her, don’t we? And that was one hell of a low bar she had to rise above. And she failed utterly.

  10. This picture was taken immediately after a prior picture showing her kneeling up on the couch to snap her own photo of the group with her phone. As if there are no White House Photographers.

    Actual disrespect to the office:
    -The shoes are on the furniture clearly in the other snap.
    -The President is standing and she is sitting, at a public event, in the Oval Office, in the White House.

    Snark: she looks pretty comfy on her knees in the Oval.

  11. JAKvirginia says:

    Ewww… daChipster. Her kneeling. You went there! I didn’t dare. Thank you.

  12. That’s just tacky. And incredibly rude. And very childish. And not even surprising.

    I shudder to think how she’s rearing her children.

  13. Kellyanne must think she’s a Couch Tomato.

  14. well shit! i guess i might as well say it too…
    This isn’t a sleepover!

  15. How in heck did her momma raise her? Feet on furniture? My little grandkids know better than that!

  16. Jane & PKM says:

    Regard the expressions of the two gentlemen in the far left and right foreground of that “moment.” Either they can’t believe their eyes, or they’re wondering if she’s wearing a Donnie pre or post grab caftan from the Ivanka flammable collection. Good choice Ms. Wrongway, burn that caftan. Do a service for your country and use Donnie’s mystery material comb over for the kindling.

  17. Liberty Belle says:

    Barefoot in the Oval, bound to be pregnant soon.

    The young women in my office were not familiar with the expression “..barefoot and pregnant.” Are we making progress in some arenas?

  18. Remember early in Obama’s first term a photo of him in the Oval without a jacket surfaced and snacilbupeR had a snit. They said he was disrespecting the office and that Dumbass Dubya always wore one. Very quickly a photo of Dumbass appeared showing him without a jacket in the Oval.

    Where’s the snacilbupeR outrage now for the bimbo with her feet on the couch?! BTW, will somebody do something with her snaggly, draggly hair?! I swear to god, this is absolutely the slobbiest bunch ever!

  19. “In this building, when the President stands, nobody sits.” From a President who deserved a lot more respect than the one in the photo.


  20. If Trump speaks today, being Mardi Gras, does that make today “Fathead Tuesday?”

  21. This photo only serves to reinforce Conway’s unprofessional image.

  22. My thoughts are that the only grown ass woman who would sit like that in public would be a hooker. She simply has no concept of the dignity of the event and the place. I hope her mama is not alive to see it.

  23. Kellyanne’s alma mater, Trinity Washington University, has a fire breathing president by the name of McGuire. She just called out this particular alum for her nutso behavior exhibited from moment #one, and rightly so. TWU is a small private women’s college. It needs alums in the news like Kellyanne like they need typhoid on campus!

  24. JAKvirginia says:

    Debbo: Went to the Awesomely Luvvie link and the comments. One butthead called the commenters racist because Obama had his feet up on the desk in a photo, too! What about that, huh?!! Sigh…. Yes, Obama did that. There’s a photo attesting to that. But there are other photos. They show Dubya did it. As did Clinton. As did Dubya’s Daddy……

    Selective memory can be a terrible thing. Usually present in racists. The Pick & Choose School of Logic.

  25. I found another photo of KellyAnne at that moment, one that shows – she’s wearing shoes!