A Snowball’s Chance in … The United States Senate

February 27, 2015 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Want to prove that climate change is all hooey?  Just call a big oil flunky.

There’s no global warming because … snow … and liberty. ¬† For $50,000, Inhofe will claim that solar power is damned in the Holy Bible.

Thanks to Mike for the heads up.

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25 Comments to “A Snowball’s Chance in … The United States Senate”

  1. Way back when I was well more than an itty bitty baby and learning Latin, my teacher told me that “science” had a Latin origin and simply meant knowledge. Well, can you beat that! All this RWNJs who oppose science are opposing in the simplest terms, knowledge! Who wudda thunk it!

  2. e platypus onion says:

    Someone needs to explain to the good sinator what happens to snow when the temp rises. It becomes liquid and then steam and evaporates-kinda like intelligence in wingnuts.

  3. Lorraine in Spring says:


    Boom! Right outta the ballpark, as usual.

    Someone should have replaced his snowball with a tar ball from the Gulf.

  4. I use to think that many of these people were ignorant of the facts as found by science, I now know they are not ignorant nor are they stupid, they are CRIMINALLY committed to keeping big business going with max profits because they care about their money and power more than they care about their own grandKids. They are all going to be dead before there is any form of major impact so they do not want anything to interfere with their life styles.
    And any that think I am exaggerating, I challenge them to better explain the rePUKEian actions and the demoncrats lack of action!!

  5. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    There’s no business like snow business,
    There’s no business like snow business,
    Unless you’re an Okie in the oil business.

  6. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    Let me see if I’ve got this right.
    Senator Inhofe believes that a snowfall in Washington DC makes up for the loss of glacial icepack, polar sea ice, and IQ points from Republican Senators from Oklahoma.

  7. So, if the fact that winter is colder than summer proves that climate change isn’t happening, doesn’t the fact that summer is hotter than winter prove that it is?

  8. I cannot watch this holyrolling, oil-owned jackwagon. He knows less about climate change than I do about breathing through my ears on the planet Neptune. Maybe he honestly believes that we can’t possibly change the climate because his god won’t let it happen, but (especially in that case) he should not be allowed within fifty miles of anybody making decisions remotely connected with the problem. Instead the GOP, in their arrogant greed and equally arrogant ignorance, put this clown in charge of the Senate environment committee.

    When the Roman Emperor Caligula made his favorite horse Incitatus a consul, at least THAT horse’s rear end couldn’t HELP leaving horse manure on the Senate floor. And he wasn’t endangering half the species on Earth by doing it.

    There is no excuse for Inhofe. None.

  9. Angelo Frank says:

    The crazy man from Oklahoma has no concept of the difference between weather and climate.

  10. Marge Wood says:

    Yep. Sigh.

  11. Marge Wood says:

    Sounds like my nephew. Somebody oughta lock em up somewhere. At least my nephew can’t stand up in Congress and make a fool of himself.

  12. Who is the biggest idiot in the Senate? I’ll give you a hint. His initials are JI.

  13. This Senatorial asshole has a long history of arrogant, ignorant and dangerous behavior without regard to others.

    Some of you might remember that he deliberately landed his light twin-engine airplane on a CLOSED, under-construction runway (at the Cameron County field, PIL-Port Isabel, TX; an old somewhat neglected, but still used, WWII field). Scared the livin’ sh!t out of the crew working on the runway, and seriously endangered their lives, let alone his own and his passengers.

    There were other open runways available, but Sen. Inhofe decided to use the closed one, marked with big X’s and listed as unavailable in the FAA’s status information that is supposed to be pre-flight reviewed by any pilot using a given terminal.
    The FAA finally gave him a slap on the wrist (any other pilot would have had their ticket bounced ASAP).

    Inhofe the asshole turned around and originated an Act that hamstrung the FAA in regard to disciplining certain pilot actions.
    Thereby endangering ALL of US by, in some cases, allowing incompetent pilots to continue flying (like himself)!

    Read the rest of the Wiki page cited, this jerk is a prime example of the ‘modern’ Repuke.

    There’s only one way to end the reign of incompetence and complete malevolence of these criminals:
    For people to get out and vote for Democratic majorities in every political body.
    The Democrats have natural majorities almost everywhere, can they be motivated to vote? I’m personally getting very cynical about it.

  14. Oops!
    Forgot the Inhofe Wiki link for the above post:


  15. e platypus onion says:

    Thanks for the link,Sandridge. Inhofe is a keeper,ain’t he?(in a mental ward)

  16. I saw one of his commercials in the last election. Tried to ignore it but the idea I got from it was “I’m conservative, you’re conservative, so vote for me.” Apparently enough voters fell for it.

    I suppose I should apologize for him but I didn’t vote for him.

  17. L.Long is exactly right. Shameless criminals. How did we get so many sociopaths in the US Congress?

  18. daChipster says:

    Sheldon Whitehouse responded with a brilliant, epic takedown. Don’t read another thing first: http://crooksandliars.com/2015/02/senator-whitehouse-rips-senator-snowball

  19. It’s hard to believe that the 2-3% of climate experts that are on the take from Big Oil and Coal have been able to convince about half of our population that global warming is a hoax or that man is not a contributing factor. Not only that, but the other 97% of climatologists are damned by the “Fair and Balanced Media” for advancing their views in order to get more government funding for their research. Pot, meet kettle. http://www.democracynow.org/2015/2/25/climate_deniers_exposed_top_scientist_got

  20. And these fine fellows seem to forget that when we in the Northern hemisphere are having unusual cold winter the folks in Australia and other countries on the other side of the equator are having record setting heat waves.

  21. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Ironically this is the same logic used by the anti-fracking movement. It is called the “specific to general fallacy” where one takes a single data point that doesn’t fit the trend and uses it to argue that it nullifies the trend.

    In the fracking argument, they take data from two or three years and use it to contradict a 70 million year trend.

    Let’s not make the same mistakes the Republicans make.

  22. L. Long: You got right to the heart of the matter. Men like this are saying what they are paid to say in order to keep the oil companies profitable. There may or may not be abject stupidity involved, but we all know what the bottom line is. Hearkens back to the days when the tobacco companies had people swearing on the Bible that smoking did not cause cancer. The republican party has a lot for which to answer.

  23. innerlooper says:

    e p o says: in the beginning

    “Someone needs to explain to the good sinator what happens to snow when the temp rises. It becomes liquid and then steam and evaporates-kinda like intelligence in wingnuts.”

    gravity sucks it back so ur implying repub / recycling
    as good as it gets
    who knew that conservatives were Planetarians

  24. Still can’t understand why whoever caught that snowball didn’t throw it right back in his face! But, hey, that’s just little old silver haired grandmother me!

  25. e platypus onion says:

    Here is an excerpt from a Canadian about tarsands and Bakken crude oil. Bakken crude is/was being trucked into Canada to make tarsands flow through the pipelines

    I found it interesting that Bakken crude was being trucked to tar sands area in order to make the tar sands oil pumpable in a pipeline. Also interesting is his claim that nearly a third of all Canadian natural gas is being used to steam the tar sands oil out of the ground. Note too that he reports now that crude oil prices are so low that neither the Bakken nor the tar sands oil production are operating now.

    Doug Wiken of Dakota Today posted the letter in it’s entirety. They waste a third of all Canadian natural gas to pump this crap out of the ground so it can be spilled in America at tawpayer’s expense. Sorry if it is Off Topic,Mama.