A New Record

August 11, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Trump hit a new milestone yesterday, which is still climbing at a rapid pace – he’s now spent 50 days on vacation at his golf resorts in 202 days of infesting the White House.  That’s 25% of his time playing golf and hanging out with sycophants. Let’s compare the vacation records of recent presidents:

Barack Obama – 217 vacation days – 7%

George W. Bush – 553 vacation days – 19%

So – The Tweeter in Chief who now holds the record for percent of time on vacation since they started keeping track relentlessly hounded President Obama about golf and vacations while lying that he would never have time for golf.  He’s now on record pace as the laziest president in US history as well as the biggest liar.

For the record, the next closest to Trump for vacation time was FDR at 22%.  Of course, that was 7 decades ago when travel wasn’t so easy.


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6 Comments to “A New Record”

  1. Considering what he has accomplished, all I can see is 100% of his time was on vacation! If you assume his brain was ever engaged properly.

  2. Jane & PKM says:

    Playing golf 25% of the time? Meh. I’d encourage Donnie to play golf 100% of the time, if it would stop him from play acting as pResident and STFU.

  3. Lunargent says:

    Actually, I wish he would take a real vacation, and stop giving these psychotic, set-the-world-on-fire press conferences!

    And no phone. Can you imagine 17 days with no Trump tweets? Sheer bliss.

  4. Let’s be accurate here. It’s ALMOST 25%. By the time the repairs to the ‘dump’ … as he calls home are completed, he will have been away on golf outings 31% of the time. As the Commander in Thief, he has set a new low in moral performance of precidents [sic].

  5. Some records he has yet to break – here’s an example. Previous presidencies have had a lot of people indicted and jailed. As I recall, Saint Reagan had an unusual number in that category. From the way things are going for the Barking Yam – subpoenas, predawn FBI raids, grand juries – this administration may be right on target to break that record.

  6. Lunargent says:

    Also, though is was kept secret, FDR was in very poor health, especially toward the end. Considering the demands of being POTUS during WWII, it’s amazing that he remained as active and effective as he did.
    Trump isn’t in very good shape either, but it’s mostly self – inflicted.