A New Drinking Game?

August 15, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Alt-Right Racists

A lot of us have been engaging in a drinking game since Cheeto Jesus’ inauguration.  Here’s the game: Think of the absolute worst person that he could nominate for an administration position, and when he nominates that person, DRINK!  Personally, the game has been tough on my liver these last 7 months.  Well, we have a new drinking game that we can start right away…

Think of the absolute LAST criminal that any sane president would pardon, and when he pardons that person, DRINK!  That’s right, folks – we have a new game.  Think of the LAST person on the planet, especially in light of the events of last weekend, that Trump should pardon.  The last person that any president, no matter how tone deaf and ignorant, would let off the hook…

That’s right, folks, Donald Trump, Worst. President. Ever., is “seriously considering” pardoning…wait for it…former Arizona sheriff Joseph Arpaio, recently convicted of criminal contempt for ignoring a judge’s order to stop rounding up and persecuting Latinos.  Arpaio is probably one of our country’s most famous loud-mouthed bigots, who came to notoriety for violating the civil and human rights of thousands of people, dressing them in pink underwear, housing them in sweltering tents in the desert, feeding them rotten food, and and unjustly imprisoning them in these conditions with almost complete impunity until recently.  When the jig was up, Arpaio shot the justice system the finger, continuing his unlawful activities until charge with contempt.

Naturally, Trump simply can’t abide any kind of reasonable verdict for one of his base’s most favorite racists, so he’s announced to Fox Noise that he’s seriously considering pardoning him.

It’s morning, but I’m drinking.

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7 Comments to “A New Drinking Game?”

  1. Rachel Maddow on her show last night wondered if trump was using this as practice for when he’ll need to pardon his family and staff. Also, too, pardoning ol’ Joe would clearly demonstrate that trump didn’t mean a word of what he’s been forced to read off of cue cards since Saturday. You know, like condemning hate, etc.

  2. Lunargent says:

    Well, Arpaio is only 2nd on my list.

    Charlie Manson is denied parole every time he comes up for it.. Maybe Donnie doesn’t know that the demented objective of Helter Skelter was to ignite a race war. Though I’m not sure if Manson’s conviction was in the right jurisdiction for a Presidential pardon. But promoting that kind of agenda, while never actually touching any of the victims himself; right in Donnie’s wheelhouse.

    I really hope that Trump doesn’t pardon Arpaio. The messages it would send would be horrific; racism and open season on immigrants and minorities are totes kewl with POTUS. And the Federal judiciary is stripped of power. Both weaken the country, and endanger us all.

  3. Yep, it’s a great week to pardon a big fat racist! That one’s not going to fly under the radar at all. Way to go in underlining everyone’s ugliest impression of you, Donnie.

  4. Texas Expat in CA says:

    Yep, pardoning Arpaio would be a big “I still love you guys” wink to the Nazis/white supremacists. It also demonstrates again that Drumpf only really cares about who is loyal to him, like a grade-school bully. If you’re on his side, you can do no wrong.

  5. Haha thanks!
    But why not nominate the worst, they would’ve ended up spewing wingnut ‘expertise’ on Fox ‘Hate’ News anyway?

  6. He can’t pardon criminal contempt. Notice there was no jury trial. Separation of powers does not allow him to set aside this finding. But when you are advised by Jeff Sessions you get idiot ideas like this.

  7. Like Trump would care? He thinks he can do anything he wants, jury trial or not. If he does pull this cr**, it just might inspire a comment from the Supreme Court such as “No, you can’t.” then watch what happens with a new tsunami of whining!