A Loner In a Cabin Out In The Woods

September 29, 2015 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Ted Cruz.  He is multi-talented.  He can talk and piss me off at the same time.

The good news is that the Senate slapped him upside the head.

TedCruz_nitwit_2After the Senate voted to end debate on a resolution to fund the government, Cruz tried to procedural move to bring up one that wouldn’t fund Planned Parenthood. His colleagues blocked him, even though senators are routinely granted votes on such measures even if they’re destined to fail. In other words, it’s a swift parliamentary smack in the face.

Anything in Cruz’s face would be an improvement.

They not only blocked him, only one senator even agreed with him.

So, like the two year old sitting in a high chair, he began to pound the tray with his spoon and bellow for a whole damn hour.

An hour.  An hour of caterwauling in a mostly empty senate chamber.  Let me tell you how bad it got.  Even though he was smashing his fellow Republicans, senate Democrats voted to make him stop.


Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.55.07 AM

Martyring himself on the cross of idiocy, Cruz painted himself as victim.

“The Democrats are objecting to my speaking further. And both the Democrats and Republican leadership are objecting to the American people speaking further. I yield the floor,” Cruz said quietly.

Yeah, Ted, the only damn thing that Democrats and Republicans can agree on is that you’re a complete nincompoop.

You will never be President but you have a pretty good shot at being a televangelist.


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23 Comments to “A Loner In a Cabin Out In The Woods”

  1. “…objecting to the American people speaking further”

    That’s some major level delusion right there. He’s definitely not speaking for me and I’m damn sure he’s not speaking for the majority of Americans either.

  2. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    “The Democrats are objecting to my speaking further. …”

    Be truthful for once, Daffy Jr. Even the paint on the walls wanted you to STFU. Not that Republicans are known for their sense of shame or introspection, you crossed that threshold with your ‘Green Eggs and Ham,’ Daffy.

    The wheels and doors are falling off the Klown Kar. Who will fall out next? Even money was on Piyush, who was never much more than a hood ornament. However, it seems no one likes Daffy and Jeb? is being tossed about as a loser. Ouch. The shame. The Mitt replacement is a loser, too.

  3. glf says: “He’s definitely not speaking for me and I’m damn sure he’s not speaking for the majority of Americans either.” The only reason I would like to see this grifter run in a national election is to fully expose him to the reality that his narcissistic view of himself has no relationship to reality. I weep for Texas that we allowed this hack a national stage to promote his lunacy.

  4. It IS real easy to sit here in the nether parts of Texas and judge, but crap, why on earth would Dems vote to make him stop????????? The Dems should have said “Hey, he’s one of yours. Deal with him yourowndamnselves and leave us out of it.” Maybe there’s room on Mars to build an asylum to hold these Daleks like Cruz.

  5. Ted, Joe McCarthy turned to the bottle in his declining years. Allow me to send you a bottle of Jim Beam.

  6. Dang, can’t find it now but saw an article the other day saying that a good majority of Americans polled want Planned Parenthood to stay open, and even among those who want it closed, only about 10% want to shut down the government over the issue.

    Cruz is speaking for the American people only in his own bloated head. Somebody should stick it with a pin so he’ll fly around the room spewing hate until there’s just a little ugly sack left on the floor.

  7. Ted is running for the title of The Anti-Christ so he can be something big in his Daddy’s eyes.

  8. Crazy is so desperate to get attention he doesn’t mind alienating the entire Senate. Hope while he’s at it, he alienates all the American voters too.

  9. maryelle, unfortunately alienating the entire Senate is a plus in many voters’ eyes. They can’t see that Cruz and his kind are the main reason why Congress doesn’t work.

  10. “objecting to the American people further….” He thinks he speaks for the American people……well for damn sure not this one. What an ego.

  11. I hate to be all Apocalypse about this but Cruz is the type of crazy that would strap on a vest bomb and blow up the Senate if he doesn’t get his extremist rotten way.

  12. Cruz did this knowing, nay, wanting this to happen just like it did. Now he can go back to his base and tell thim this proves he’s really an “outsider,” forget the fact he’s part of D.C. His big hope is that by having his lips firmly planted on Trump’s backside he will benefit when Trump’s campaign implodes. For this, and only for this, my wish is that Trump goes the long haul and Cruz spins off into oblivion. One can hope, anyway.

  13. Ted Cruz is the savior of the Republican Party. Or maybe Ted Cruz is the downfall of the Republican Party.

    I don’t know–but clearly Ted Cruz believes he is the STAR of and rightful heir of the Republican Party.

  14. Ted, one thing you guys never get is the concept of over saturation. That kind of ignorance is lethal, baby! And you do it to yourself.

  15. JAKvirginia says:

    Lex: and do it for Jesus!

  16. lol JAKvirginia, sad but how true!

  17. The Republicans are belatedly coming to the realization that the Cruz crazies aren’t just after women, gays, immigrants, scientists, etc. The crazies are currently celebrating taking down Boehner and have set their sights on McConnell.

    The moral of the story is that when you create a monster sometimes it ends up coming after you.

  18. LynnN, and it likes “you” with ketchup!

  19. In some alternate universe, the voters of Texas took a sane and dispassionate look at the two parties’ candidates for US Senate in 2012 and voted for the Democrat.

    In that same universe, Democratic and progressive writers are probably writing fables and satires as to what would have happened if the voters had elected Ted Cruz instead.

    I’ve news for the denizens of that other universe’s Lone Star State: the voters DID elect Ted Cruz, and what we’ve got in our own universe is far more whack than anything they could think up.

  20. You know, I been thinkin’. Ted Cruz has one wife and two children. Two. Two children. Is he against birth control? I don’t think so. Why is he so against other folks having it? I’ll leave it up to y’all.

  21. Oh, TX. What happened?

  22. Lunargent says:

    Marge Wood –
    Or maybe he was only able to get Mrs. Cruz drunk twice.

    The thought of that creature, even in a darkened room – AAUUGGHHH!! (shudder)