A Fish Hook in the Face

October 30, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Remember when Dick Cheney shot his friend in the face?

Well, he just fish-hooked another friend in the face.

Liz Cheney decided she really, really wants to be a United States senator and since she’s just a more calmly dressed but far more evil Kardashian, she picked a long time family friend, Mike Enzi of Wyoming, to run against.  Her daddy’s money always buys Liz what she wants.

Enzi was stunned.  He thought the Cheneys were his friends.  Enzi said that Dick Cheney has been a fishing buddy.

Cheney pops back that he’s never been fishing with Enzi.  Personally, I suspect that makes Enzi a very lucky man, and Dick a giant liar again.

The bottom line is that Dick and Liz have no particular dislike or political disagreement with Enzi.  They just want his seat to prove they can buy whatever they want – including Dick’s new heart that most certainly would never have been given to any other man his age or in his health.

I’m not saying that Liz Cheney has the power to call out the flying monkeys, but I’d be on the alert anyway.

Maureen Dowd lays this out nicely today.

Enzi will be the only Republican I am rooting for on election night.



Thanks to Kary for the heads up and John for the graphic.

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11 Comments to “A Fish Hook in the Face”

  1. Lorraine in Spring says:

    I think The Dick and his Lizard Spawn will be quite surprised by the good people of Wyoming come election day. I don’t believe the hard working people there like the idea of The Dick waltzing in to buy this seat for his Spawn. Mike Enzi might be a Republican, but apparently, he has more integrity than all the Cheneys combined. Especially Lynne. She’s a nasty piece of work too.

    Hopefully, a Wyoming loss for The Lizard will send the Cheney Cult away forever.

  2. I so wish we were talking about Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor…instead of these awful folks!

  3. e platypus onion says:

    Cheney has never done anything normal or healthy,at least not for someone else’s kids. Wars abound when Cheney’s around.

  4. Marge Wood says:

    Be thankful you don’t live near the Cheneys.

  5. I have a horse that would exactly match Liz Cheney. Lame in front, drama queen, pretty face and shiny coat, bullying disposition but fades fast after a thump on the neck.

  6. Angelo_Frank says:

    Dick and Liz Cheney are both sociopaths that will lie about anything to achieve power. Lying about a “fishing buddy” by Dick is about as low as one can go however.

  7. Marge, you said it! I live 20 miles away from them and I bless every inch of that space!

  8. What is it with fishing in Wyoming. There was a minor scandal when they found out that Liz Cheney lied in her application for a fishing license. http://www.juanitajean.com/2013/08/07/liz-liz-go-fish-is-a-childrens-game/ Fishing is not that important in the other 49 states but in Wyoming fishing is an election issue

  9. There is a demand by the international group, Lawyers Against the War, to arrest Dick Cheney as a war criminal when he attends
    the Toronto Global Forum this week. Liz has such an exemplary role model to imitate.

  10. @Elizabeth, I bet your horse is prettier than the Lizard.

  11. gabberflasted says:

    What The Dick’s new heart seems to prove is that love and compassion comes from the heart through the brain. If it ain’t in the thought processes, the heart cannot evince goodness toward ones fellows.