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I do not know how many of you go to the 538 blog, but I have to admit that I go every day, twice a day, and sometimes peek again before bedtime.

Here’s tonight —

Look at those lines moving apart.  FEMA?  Rape babies?  Obamacares?   Desperation in Mitt’s eyes?  What’s your take on the motion of ocean?

I personally think that people are just now realizing that Mitt’s a robot determined to eat poor children.  I mean, that’s just a rumor.  But I sure am asking people if they’ve heard it.

You might do that, too.

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24 Comments to “538”

  1. Barbara in Houston says:

    I posted on another site, this Sandy thing is making Romney look like McCain back in aught-eight, when he “suspended” campaign to run off to DC and help with the economic crisis look like a damn fool.

  2. I visit 538 as often as I come to see you Miss Juanita! Both keep me sane these days!

  3. It’s seems that the “October Surprise” turned out to be Mother Nature taking a big bite out of Mitten’s derriere (I’m aware that Momma reads this site). I don’t believe he has enough time to finesse his previous statements about FEMA. And, since Gov. Christie wants to run for re-election next year, the fat guy just threw Mittens under the bus.

    Karma, Baby!

  4. Christie is no fool. He may run for President one day – and even if he doesn’t, he plans on being in government. How well do you think his state would be able to recover – if it had been Mittens at the helm, instead of Obama? 16 rolls of TP and some Gaterade would not cut it. This way, Christie goes down as a governor that got it done for his people. I would throw the prissy robot under the bus, too. This was priceless.


  5. I too visit 538 at least once a day…and often more. Like everyone else here, it helps my sanity. I want to say I feel more confident after reading it, but I still have nightmares about another Florida 2000. Let’s hope its a big enough majority to keep us out of another mess like that!

    As for Chris Christie…I can’t stand that guy…but this scene warms the cockles of my heart! Take that Willard!

  6. And THIS is what the RWNJs resort to, when they’ve go nothing else: mock the messenger:

    “At the margins, Mr. Silver is even being attacked because of his sexual orientation. (He is gay.) Last week, a conservative commentator wrote that, “Silver is a man of very small stature, a thin and effeminate man with a soft-sounding voice that sounds almost exactly like the “Mr. New Castrati” voice used by Rush Limbaugh on his program.” Over the weekend, Mr. Silver responded on Twitter, saying the attack was “pretty awesome,” because its argument boiled down to this: “Nate Silver seems kinda gay + ??? = Romney landslide!” (politico)

    Love their desperation!

  7. I love seeing tub’o’lard Chris Christie acting like Mr. Obama’s new best friend. It can’t hurt him and could help Obama. Mittens must be seething.

  8. @Judi – I saw that attack on Nate Silver too, and I tried to follow their argument against Nate’s analysis which seemed to boil down to … he’s gay… and therefore can’t properly determine the polling data? I guess they never heard of codebreaker Alan Turing back in WWII.

  9. I think you may be on to something, the Katrina vs. Sandy Effect. And speaking of that, remember Michael “heckuva job” Brownie, he of the International Arabian Horse Association, Mr. FEMA under President George W. Bush?
    Well, in keeping with the fact that it is Halloween, “heeee’s baack” and he has some advice for the president on how to manage natural disasters:


    In case you are wondering, he criticizes the President for acting prematurely – Nate Silver may need to revise his prediction.

  10. While I am not a gambler, I admit to following Bovada (Harrah’s gambling site) the last few months. Pres. Obama has been the favorite since I started following the odds. Currently, it’s Pres. Obama -$260 and Willard +$200. As I understand it, worldwide, the payoff is betting $260 on Pres. will net you $100 and betting $100 on Willard will net you $200. Good thing, since I wouldn’t want Anntoinette to worry about Willie’s mental state.

  11. Hey, Juanita Jean! Look at this and then do the happy dance!


  12. I really don’t think the polls are a true indicator in this day and time.. They rely heavily on landlines, as opposed to cell phones. There is a very high percentage of people who do not even have a land line anymore, especially young voters and minorities.

  13. Even though this looks good, I’m afraid to do any happy dancin’ yet. I don’t think there is any dirty trick those lying, thieving, rethuglicans will do to steal this election. I don’t think my blood pressure will go down until my Prez. is sworn in for the second time.

  14. Don’t know how scientific this is, but I liked it:


    “Has Sandy changed your preference in presidential candidates?”

    Yes, I was impressed by Obama’s leadership in his response to the storm– 49.86%

    No, I’ve made up my mind about the candidates– 42.68%

    Yes, I was impressed by Romney’s sensitivity to storm victims– 7.46%

  15. I’m with PatinVT and Cindy D. — I know there’s nothing the GOP won’t stoop to. So I want an unmistakable victory that does *not* come down to Ohio. And I’ll be holding my breath and keeping everything crossed until it’s all over.

  16. The state polls look good, but the national polls aren’t quite in line. I’m hopeful, but I don’t dare get complacent. I’ve seen the Repubs win too many elections that they should have lost. (In fact, in other campaigns that’s happening now.)

  17. fenway fran says:

    I, too, check 538 daily. It has helped ease that knot in my stomach that has been there for the past couple of weeks. But I’m also afraid of the ‘rigging’. I try to push that out of my head.

  18. So, JJ, there’s that rumor out there about Mitt eating poor children? I hadn’t heard that yet, but will be happy to ask around. Thanks. Lord knows he’s the worst possible thing that could happen to this country.

  19. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    While the polls help keep me from plunging into the depths of despair, I continue to be concerned about voter turnout, voter suppression, and the ease with which touch-screen voting machine results can be manipulated without detection.

  20. daChipster says:

    There’s been a plethora of attacks on Nate, lately, including “Morning” Joe Scarfaceborough, to the point where Silver tweeted a $1000 challenge to the man who has Mika Brzezsinski strapped to the roof of his show: If Obama loses, Silver will donate $1000 to the Red Cross. If statistics and science win, Moaning Joe has to pony up the grand.

    Free Mika!

    As to my daily rounds of sites: Here, of course. 538. HuffPost. Crooks and Liars (which led me here in the first place!) Real Clear Politics, to get the latest polls and see what the other side is saying.

    Occasional stops: Politico, to laugh at the false equivalence crowd. Electoral-vote.com, to see the Rasmussen-free map. Salon, the Atlantic, the New Yorker, the Nation, Mother Jones.

    After next week, it will settle back down to here and Huff N Puff.

  21. A great follow up piece:
    Nate Silver to Joe Scarborough: Wanna Bet?

  22. Thanks to Five Thirty-Eight, I now have to attend Poll Watcher’s Anonymous daily. I even got up at 2 a.m. to check it and decided i needed help!

  23. My favorite current quote (I forgot where I heard it) Nate Silver is our favorite form of Xanex.

  24. Have a double dose, Lyntilla! Newest Nate Silver prognostication is DA BOMB!