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Happy New Year

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Hang on tight, y’all.  This ain’t gonna be easy.


Friday Toons

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Mormon Tabernacle Choir Sells Out – One Singer Says No

December 30, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

The Church of Latter Day Saints announced last week that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will sing at the, uh…urp, inauguration of Cheeto Jesus.  The announcement touched off a huge debate amongst the faithful, and 19,000 have signed a petition demanding the church rescind its decision.  One singer, though, Jan Chamberlin, has gone further and is standing her moral ground and publicly resigned from the choir saying that if she stayed a member after the appearance in DC by the choir.  In a letter she posted on Facebook, she said if she stayed, she “could never look at herself in the mirror again”, and that she “wouldn’t throw roses to Hitler, and could never sing to him.”

Good for her.

Fun With Guns: Conservative Style Edition

December 29, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

M.D. Harmon writes editorials for the Portland Press Herald chastising President Obama every damn chance he gets.  He also railed against Maine’s attempt to run background checks on gun ownership because … well, Freedom!

I can give up a nonessential freedom (for example, not wearing a seat belt) much more readily than an essential one (being forbidden to drive when and where I wish after I buckle up).

That’s where the discussion should begin when we ponder Question 3 in the Nov. 8 referendum.

In essence, the bill would require all gun sales, and (here’s the hidden kicker) all “transfers” of firearms, to be processed through a federally licensed dealer.

He was opposed to doing a background check on the gift of a gun, never seeing that would be an enormous loophole that crooks could dance through.  Can’t pass a background check? Well, your friendly neighborhood hood would be delighted to buy a gun for you and then gift it to you for a small fee. Or not so small.

But, that question is pretty moot now because M.D. Harmon got shot and killed this morning by his own gun.

A longtime former editor and columnist for the Portland Press Herald died at his home as he was showing a teenager a handgun and the gun went off while the boy was handling it, police said.

Michael Harmon, 71, of Sanford, was fatally shot Wednesday evening, police said.

Police said the 16-year-old boy and his father were at Harmon’s home visiting at the time. They did not say if the two, both from North Berwick, were related to Harmon and did not release the teenager’s name.

He handed a 16 year old a loaded gun.  There, my friends, is the best example we can find of the kind of people who elected Donald Trump.

Thanks to Kathryn for the heads up.

Poor, Poor Ted

December 29, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Just in case you’re a little depressed today over something … oh, I dunno, like we’re fixing to have a petulant 4 year old as President … there is one little thing to chuckle about.

Donald Trump made Ted Cruz pay for his flight to the The Tower just so he could humiliate him.


There is a rumor going around that everybody keeps asking me about – it says that Trump will appoint Cruz to the Supremes.  The only way Trump would do that is to humiliate him again.  All it takes is three Republican votes in the Senate to stop that.  You have (1) John McCain, (2) Lindsay Graham, and (3) John Cornyn.  Yeah, I’m saying John Cornyn. You can take that to the bank.

Thanks to Alfredo over at the Dairy Queen for the heads up.

“We Ought to Get On With Our Lives”

December 29, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Cornered by the press this morning, Cheeto Jesus engaged in word salad about the Russian hacking during the election, but the most shocking thing is that when asked about Lindsey Graham calling for strong sanctions against Russia, he said, “We should get on with our lives.”  WHAT? “…get on with our lives”?  If anyone needed convincing that he is nothing but a puppet for Russia, this should change your mind.  Whether the election was affected or not, Russian hackers, at the direction of Vladimir Putin, TRIED to affect the result of the election.  And CJ just says to “get on with our lives”?  That’s just like GWB calling for Americans to go shopping after 9/11.  Jesus.  I really mean Jesus.  Here’s more stupid things he blathered:

“I think that computers have complicated lives very greatly. The whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what’s going on.”  We have speed. We have a lot of other things but I’m not sure you have the kind of security that you need. But I have not spoken with the senators and I certainly will be over a period of time.”

Have you noticed that whenever CJ doesn’t have the slightest clue what he’s talking about he always says, “…nobody knows what’s going on.”?  Apparently he doesn’t “know what’s going on”, but we can be sure that intelligence and military officers certainly do.  So do all Americans who are normal. He just doesn’t like the answer that will piss off his patron.

He’s already out of control and not even in office yet.  I dread the next 4 years.