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Return of Lowering Expectations, Part 2

September 30, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Oh my.

Dude, we’ve got nothing but time.  I mean, it’s like 40 days until election.  If you can’t explain something in 40 days, then I doubt you understand it.  Hell, I can explain Sartre in 40 days.

Lowering Expectations?

September 30, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Mitt Romney is trying to lower expectations for the debate this Wednesday night.

Oddly, his campaign did not say that Mitt Romney is a shell of a man with little emotion, no empathy, zero compassion, a deep love of money, higher than normal self indulgence tendencies, and he’s also prone to saying goofy things.

Instead, they painted President Obama as the Greek god of debate because he’s done it eight times.  Okay, but isn’t that saying experience makes you better at things so we should vote for Obama?

I suspect they are not counting Mitt’s debates with the seven Republican dwarfs as actual debating.  That was the professional wrestling version of debating.

On the other hand, people who want to see Romney lose so they can run in 4 years, like maybe Chris Christie, say that Romney is Clarence Darrow and will humiliate Obama in the debates.  They also told us that Romney has some secret Zingers! that he’s been memorizing and practicing since August.  Written, not surprisingly, by Clint Eastwood.

Waco, Texas

September 30, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Dateline Waco, Texas:

Several businesses in the Central Texas town of Waco (WAY’-koh) are dealing with a smelly problem that won’t go away: decaying cricket carcasses.

A bank, a drugstore and other businesses have been inundated with the odorous onslaught of dead crickets that have been trapped inside walls and have collected on sidewalks.

Fred Huffman, an entomologist who runs a local pest control business, says the cricket problem has been worse this year because mild winter conditions resulted in the insects appearing earlier than normal.

Oh, so that’s what they’re blaming the odor in Waco on now?  I liked it better when they just blamed it on Baptists.

Thanks to Stephen for the heads up.

Visiting Your Bags

September 30, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

I was at a Democratic SD18 training session all day yesterday in Bay City.  Senate District 18 has 22 counties in it and runs roughly along the coast of Texas from Harris County to Port Aransas and some over towards Austin.  It’s a great Senate District to be in because no matter where you go you’re either gonna get good seafood or barbeque.

Anyway, I wanted you to see some of the bags you bought put to good use.  We put door prizes in them and everybody wanted one.

A lucky few got one!

Thanks again for the bags and thanks to the Matagorda County Democratic Party and Chairman Nora Deering (third from left) for hosting us.

Fredericka Allen Petry, a local candidate for District Court Judge, did a 60 person block walk yesterday here in Fort Bend and put out about about 800 of these bags filled with Democratic literature.  You’re making a difference!

Thank you again.

No, Ann, MY Mental Well-Being.

September 30, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Ann Romney, bless her heart, made another slip of the tongue gaffe yesterday.

Ann Romney told a Nevada television station her biggest concern if her husband, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, becomes president was his “mental well-being.”

In an interview Thursday with television station KTVN, Mrs. Romney was asked what her biggest worry was should Mitt Romney be elected to serve in the White House.

“I think my biggest concern obviously would just be for his mental well-being,” she said.

What she meant to say, of course, was “I think my biggest concern obviously would just be for Juanita’s mental well-being.”

But seriously, if she’s worried about his mental well-being, shouldn’t we all be?  I mean, what does she think he’s going to?  Go nuts and run around the Truman Balcony in his magic underwear singing Ave Marie in his soprano voice?  Crack up and declare war on Canada because that “eh?” thing is really getting on our nerves?  French kiss President of Brazil?

Ann, Honey, I’ve seen who he picked for Vice President.  I think you need to worry about his mental health NOW.

Thanks to Bernard for the heads up.

Ladylike? You Want Ladylike, Jim Bob? Well, Watch Right Here While I Hike Up My Leg and Wizz on Your Boot. But, Real Ladylike.

September 30, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Todd Akin is just a shiver lookin’ for a spine to run up.

He found mine.

Good Golly Miss Molly, if there is an ounce of justice in this world, when Todd Akins loses this election, women all over the world will knock on his front door and point and giggle at him.  Or, write on bathroom walls, “For a really bad time, call Todd Akin at 1-800-GOT-DUMB.”

He’s now complaining that Clare McCaskill was not “ladylike” in the debate. He compared her to a wildcat, you know, like that’s a bad thing.  A day later, he up and decided to use the “L” word.

On Thursday, Akin suggested McCaskill had acted more “ladylike” when she first ran for the Senate six years ago, according to the Kansas City Star.

Ladylike, that’s testosterone-speak for “shuddup and get me some more coffee.”

Now, since Mitt Romney and the GOP are embracing Todd Akin, their silence on this matter tells me one thing — they agree with the whole ladylike standard for women.  After all …

A lady would never want equal pay for equal work.

A lady would never want birth control on her health insurance.

So, either Clare should put her apron on and act like a lady or the GOP needs to let Todd Akin drown in his own spit.

And, dammit, I mean it.

Thanks to Cheryl for the heads up.

A lady would not want bother the men folks by getting health care at Planned Parenthood.

A lady would never want to frighten a rapist with the pesky problem of getting pregnant.

A lady would never publicly disagree with a man.