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Sunday Toon Just Because I’m Busy Today

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Oh, Y’all. I Live in Hell.

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My friend Carl sent me this picture of a front yard in Houston.  Apparently, the heathen are applying for membership in Club Violence.

Honey, Texas could use some messing-with.

Okay, So What Would A Donkey Costume Be?

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The Texas Secretary of State has ruled that the Gadsden flag can be worn inside voting locations —

The Texas Election Code prohibits electioneering for or against any candidate, measure or political party (Sections 61.003, 61.010 and 85.036). It is the opinion of this office that people simply wearing a t-shirt or button with the wording “Don’t Tread on Me” displaying the coiled rattlesnake and nothing else are not electioneering for (nor does such action relate to) a candidate, measure or party and such action does not relate to the conduct of the election.

“Honey, the Gadsden flag is all over Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott’s political signs,” she reminds folks.  “I mean, it’s bad enough that we have a State Attorney General who thinks we can and should secede.  But, for the Secretary of State to say it’s okay to wear his symbol into the voting booth is a tad overloaded with pure industrial grade extra-virgin crapola!”

“Can I wear a dead coyote and the rental agreement to my $10,000 a month Governor’s mansion into the poll?  I suspect not.  No, really, I don’t think they’d let me do that.  I mean, you’d think that would even the score, but not in Texas.”

“It’s good to own the state,” she shakes her head and rolls her eyes.

Just Warnin’ Ya

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I got a report this morning from my friends at Houston’s LGBT Political Caucus that one of their members got assaulted yesterday while campaigning at a poll. They warn —

Lately, we’ve all watched as opponents of equality have gotten more aggressive and more violent.From tackling and stomping on rival activists, to actual candidates ordering private security forces to arrest reporters, the thug mentality of the far right has gotten out of control.

Okay, so Juanita is asking me to issue a warning to Tea Party members, too.

“Honey, one of you nincompoops is gonna get all testosteroned-up and think you can shove a woman.  I am just warning you that we have planted Verdelia, Thelma, and  Miss Missy at polls in Texas.  They look like elderly ladies – just the kind you like to hit – but they will kick your butt so bad that your grandchildren will be born shaking.  They will whallop you over the head with their purses so hard that you will have to unzip your pants to see out.”

She continues, “We ain’t telling you where they are so just remember that if you feel the need to hit a woman, it could be a woman from this beauty shop.  We never, ever throw the first punch.  We do, however, throw the second seventeen punches.  The only time we turn the other cheek is when you see us sashaying away from your whipped hiney. ”

“You will end up on the 6 o’clock news reporting that an old lady did the Pecos Promenade up one side of you and down the other.”

Thelma ain’t no Gandhi.  You just need to know that.   She will fight a buzz saw and give it three turns head start.

So, be careful where you start a fight at the election polls.  I’m just saying.

Get Down! Shake It, Girl!

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This is blasting on the audio system of the beauty salon this morning.

Thanks you, MoodyB, for the heads up!

Regular Ole Friday Toon

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